Music Therapy Approaches

Psychodynamic Music Therapy

Psychodynamic music therapy is the  existence of, and dynamic processes within, an unconscious part of the mind, which has an influence on intrapsychic and interpersonal processes  within and outside of the musical activity between the therapist and patient. The therapeutic relationship is distinguished by the  attentiveness of the music therapist to his or her own reactions,  feelings, fantasies, and ideas, which are triggered by the patient’s  transference. Psychodynamic music therapy proposes that, with the  assistance of music, human beings can become aware of their inner  states, and can communicate these through performed musical expression.  From a psychoanalytic viewpoint, music is considered to portray meaning  and to give the individual the feeling of being mirrored, accompanied,  and even personally understood. This chapter explains how psychodynamic  music therapy was developed and how it is practiced within the treatment  context of mental health services.

Song Based Music Therapy

Clients participate in singing and playing songs, reflecting on the experience, this helps with socialisation and creating a greater sense of community.